Thursday, May 03, 2007

Take a letter, Maria

On Eden and Thor's suggestions, here's the letter I wrote to Freyja's doctor. I haven't printed it yet.

Dr. So n So:

I’m writing to you today to let you know about an experience I had in your front office on Wednesday, May 2, 2007. I had called on Monday, April 30 to schedule an appointment for my daughter, Freyja lastname (birthdate 8/27/04). She has a corn or plantar wart on her little toe. I spoke to M, who scheduled the appointment for me with no problems.

On Wednesday morning, A from your office called and spoke to my husband, saying that Freyja had no insurance (which I was aware of, it had lapsed and is in the process of being renewed) and that I needed to bring “paperwork” with me to the office visit. I had no paperwork other than a letter from DHS requesting that I send them a copy of Freyja’s birth certificate.

When we arrived at the office for the appointment, I was told by A that you would not see Freyja unless she had proof of insurance or paperwork that said it was in progress. While I understand that YourPracticePC is a private practice and has the right to refuse service to anyone they like, Medicaid/Healthy Kids covers 3 months retroactively. Is this a new policy for your office? I would understand if we were new patients, but Freyja is well established and has been coming to your office for her primary care since her four month well child visit.

I realize that no one can make me feel inferior without my consent, but I felt low as we had to turn around and leave your office without being seen the other morning. A’s attitude was “well if you don’t have insurance, we don’t want you”. I am glad that it was only a corn on Freyja’s toe and nothing more serious that she needed to be seen for.

Freyja was very upset as she was looking forward to seeing you. I know that may seem kind of silly, but we’re delighted that she likes and looks forward to seeing her health care provider. We are moving to ThatTown soon and had planned to continue coming to ThisTown for Freyja’s primary care, but if your front office staff (who have all been wonderful every other time we have been in the office) are going to treat us poorly because we happen to be in a lower economic bracket we may have to rethink that decision.

If you would like to call me to discuss this matter, you can reach me at phonenumber1 during the day and phonenumber2 in the evenings.


Heather LastName


Eden said...

I would cut the fourth pp. I think you say what's important from it in the following pp and in a way that focuses on Freyja and her health care. You and your doctor are partners in her health and the focus should be on your attempt to repair the damaged relationship. You did mention which employee damaged that relationship & I think you've said all you need to say here. Nice letter :)

Eden said...

One other thing: you'll want to send this to your doctor and to the office manager. To get the office manager's name, just call and ask. This is more likely a problem to be handled by the office manager. It sounds like someone dropped the ball. Either the office's policy is no coverage, no appointment or they let that three-month overlap do its job. In any case, people are telling you all different things & they need to be clear and firm on the office's policy.

BTW: That's the additional info that Hawk added when I asked him to read it. If he got the letter, he said he would want to talk to the office manager about the office policy & to make sure everyone was clear about what it was, no matter what it was.

Oh, The Joys said...

Ugh. That's terrible. I'm sorry that happened to you.

thordora said...

Personally, I think the word asshat should be included. :)


Hope it works!