Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Gas prices have hit $3.25/gallon here - that's a 30-cent jump.

If we don't move closer to town, I don't know how we'll afford to go to work, much less do anything else. I know we pay less than most European nations, but most European nations have decent, safe, affordable mass transit systems. Unless one lives in a large metropolitan area, there's no real mass transit to be had in the US. There used to be a light rail that ran right through my town - but it's been gone since the 60's.

This is ridiculous. And it's only going to go higher. I hope the fat cats at the oil companies are enjoying their profits.


karrie said...

Yikes! That sucks. :(

It is 'only' abt $2.85 here, and we have public transit.

Anonymous said...

ummm actually that is pretty good compared to where i live.

Heather said...

I'm guessing you also live in a higher COL area, anonymous. Higher wages = higher prices. I live in a relatively low COL area.