Thursday, May 31, 2007


Minor and initial success, but hey, it's something. It's something so good that I am being naughty and sneaking on from work to blog about it.

I lost 7 pounds my first week on weight watchers. I know it will slow down soon, but it was awesome to hop on that scale and see that drop :) My pants fit better. I feel good.

Is anybody else who's doing WW kind of OCD about writing things down? It drives Kerwin insane that I'm always pulling out my little blue bag to jot down this point and that point and those two glasses of water.


thordora said...

Congrats! maybe some day I'll actually stick with a diet.

Eden said...

Whoo! Seven pounds? That's a lot. Seriously. Good on ya!

jenni said...

Woot! Awewsome job Heather.

When I followed WW I was a fanatic about recording my points the first 45lbs or so I lost. After that I just kept a running total of sorts in my head due to sheer laziness. But it definitely works to your advantage to write it all down. Make sure to eat all your points otherwise you may gain, sounds weird but it's true. :)