Saturday, May 12, 2007

Got a Call

Freyja's doctor called me today.

He apologized. He still doesn't quite know what happened or what went wrong, but he's going to look into it and he's going to go over protocol with his staff.

He said he finds the whole idea of insurances and payment "distasteful" because it gets in the way of why he went into medicine - to help people.

I reassured him that this was the first and only bad experience we've had with his staff or in his office at all - which it was.

I'm satisfied. He offered to see her tomorrow morning if we'd like. I don't think we'll be up that early (considering it's 3:25AM and here I sit, blogging), but it's a nice gesture.


Eden said...

Yay! Everybody wins. Glad to hear things are working out for everyone.

thordora said...



karrie said...

I'm so glad he feels that way!