Friday, December 15, 2006

Stadol Dreaming

In my birth story below, I mentioned getting a dose of narcotics while laboring under the influence of Pitocin. They also had to hook up internal monitors, leaving a scab on my newborn baby's head. I found the notebook where I'd written it all down while I was cleaning last night (I didn't even REMEMBER I had it)!!! I thought I'd share.

As some monitor in the room beeped, I apparently was singing "Tainted Love" along with the beeps, adding percussion on my side table (probably next to my coloring book). I can only imagine that Levi's commercial from the late 90's was taking it's toll on my doped up brain.

Coloring in a My Little Pony coloring book.

Talking and falling asleep, then waking up and talking again, to the word, where I left off (this is according to Kerwin)

Thinking everything was incredibly funny.

Making my best friend promise she'd bring me an iced mocha the next day (she did, but the nurses took it away and wouldn't let me have it, the bitches).

Watching the contraction-intensity part of the monitor as I had a contraction but couldn't feel the pain of it and going "whoaaaaaaaaaaa, that was a BIG one!"

I do remember being higher than a kite. I've never done drugs, not even smoked a joint, so that was a new experience. I just wish the experience wasn't associated with labor.

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