Friday, December 22, 2006

The Lord Will Bless You

He will, huh?

I had to answer the phones today at the clinic for 2 hours. I probably spent a good 45 minutes of that trying to explain to this woman that she's lying to me through her teeth and I don't beleive a damn word of it without out and out saying "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire" to her.

Did you know that mortgage underwriters call on the Friday before a holiday and demand a letter, on your doctor's letterhead, from disabled people to prove that they're disabled? And demand that that letter be faxed to the mortgage underwriter before the close of buisness the same day?

I didn't either. And I don't beleive a damn word of it. You'd get more time than one buisness day.

And truth be told, I was all right with continuing to explain until she told me, "I know it's against the rules, and you're not supposed to, but THE LORD WILL BLESS YOU if you do this and help this poor girl keep her house".

Hold up, lady. I had to hit the hold button in the middle of her platitudes. Lady, you did NOT just say that to me. I put the phone down and looked over at one of our phone nurses, and said, "Hey J, the Lord will bless me if I break the rules for this woman."

Apparently she thinks blessings from her Lord will placate me and get me to do what she wants.

Oh yeah. He'll bless me with a $25,000 fine for violating HIPPA, a potential lawsuit, and the loss of my job. Blessings indeed.

Pardon me while I go laugh hard enough to pee my pants.


Karen said...

She wouldnt have like my comment about how her god was just a man like you and me and he died :p

thordora said...

She wouldn't like mine about how if he was gonna bless someone, she'd just win the fucking lottery and leave me alone already.

I don't mind lying. I mind BAD lying.