Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I stopped at the gas station to get some goodies for my Secret Santa buddy (3 Muskateers anda Diet A&W root beer) here at the office and to cash in an instant ticket (Super 7's Bingo!) that I won $2 on last week. I got another Bingo and a Cashword. I love these two instant games because they're a good play value for $2 - even if I don't win, I had fun scratching the ticket. I reveal the call letters/numbers one by one - DH says it's excruciating to watch me scratch one of these, but I like the suspense. Cheap thrills, and all that.

I won $2 on the Cashword and $10 on the Bingo! Small potatoes, but hey! Lucky me! That's $12 to have lunch with my friend Stephie today.

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