Thursday, December 28, 2006

Holiday Report

We got loot.

Freyja got the entire Little People universe (or it seems like it). I think I have to get some bins to contain each playset so we're not overrun by little plastic people and animals. True, they are soft and squooshy but still annoying to step on at 3 am.

I got a new wafflemaker, which surprisingly works as advertised and makes golden brown, tasty waffles in about five minutes. The last one I had didn't work worth a damn and I am told was at least $40 more expensive than the new one.

I also got a dustbuster like I've been asking for since Freyja became mobile. Whoo hoo!


thordora said...

We have the same explosion of Little people. And we went and bought a ginormous bin for everything. now if I could only taech them to put shit away beyond two pieces.

And did everyone but ME get a wafflemaker? I totally wanted one too...sigh

Heather said...


the one I got was under $20US and it makes amazing waffles. It's a proctor-silex family size belgian waffler.