Monday, April 30, 2007

Baked Pasta

After spending a half hour looking for recipes, I'm not finding what I want. I'm making pasta tonight and I wanted to do a baked pasta.

Do I have to put ricotta in it? Does anybody know? I'm broke this week, but we're having friends to the house for dinner tonight and I wanted to serve something cheap that can be assembled and the mess cleaned up before they arrive (the house is small, no dining room, and the least bit of clutter looks atrocious) - hence baked pasta.

If I have to go out and get ricotta I will, but I will grumble the entire way. It's stupid expensive.


Cindy said...

Probably too late, and I hope you had a great dinner, but I sometimes substitute a 3 cheese mixture in place of ricotta: cottage cheese, cream cheese and sour cream. Blended together, it is awesome in lasagne and you'd never know there was cottage cheese in it. I will also mix in some mozzarella for that gooey-ness.

Eden said...

I bake pasta all the time that doesn't have any ricotta in it, like beefaroni (basically spaghetti only w/ elbows). I make up the pasta in the pot, same as spaghetti, and I put mozzarella on top and bake it about 15 min.

The best baked pasta recipe is on the Barilla no-boil lasagna noodles. It was so close to me own no-boil recipe that I just use it now. Except don't use the Barilla sauce. It's crap. Otherwise, you can make it all in one bowl, sauce, cheese & all. It does have ricotta on it. Just dump the sauces & the meat & mix it. Then add the cheeses and slightly mix. Mix, noodles, mix, noodles until you get to the top and top w/ a more cheese. Voila.

Sometimes you can substitute cottage cheese for ricotta in recipes. Is that an option?

Heather said...

I got ricotta anyway - and was pleasantly surprised to see that they've lowered the price by close to $1 a container since the last time I bought it.

It was good, I did radiatore, ground beef, ricotta and mozzerella, and Meijer spaghetti sauce. Breadcrumbs on the top. Tons of leftovers and it was just as good for lunch today.

thordora said...

My fave way to do it is to make a bare sauce in a pan (diced tomatoes, paste, onions, celery maybe)

Then also make a white sauce-it's just milk and butter and eggs.

Put pasta in dish. Mix with tomato sauce. Pour white sauce over it. bake for 20 mins or less, depending.

Tastes KICK ASS and doesn't take much.

karrie said...

I usually just throw in whatever I have. All of these ideas sound good though.

Mandi said...

I make baked pasta constantly, and I hate ricotta. My favorite is penne cooked 3/4 done, jarred alfredo cut with a little milk, frozen broccoli straight out of the bag, and whatever shredded cheese you have on hand. Assemble, stir, bake covered about 20 minutes, and enjoy the glorious taste of goodness. If you're feeling like meat-eating, you can add chunked chicken.

Anonymous said...

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