Thursday, April 12, 2007

Searchy, Searchy (again)

Today's batch is a little more sobering.

you're on notice meme (did you find it? funny stuff!)
owen meany sucks reviews (still haven't read it)
depression and crazy thoughts (I hope you found something that helped you. If not, come back and let me know - I'm crazy too, maybe we can help each other)
IUGR and blog rings (since my diagnosis was false, can't help you there)
CPS I AM GOING TO TAKE MY BABY (can't help you there, either)
glorious hair (my hair is pretty great!)
Absentee Husbands - where did he go (I wonder that every time mine doesn't call)
DO IUGR BABIES SURVIVE AT 34 WEEKS (usually - if your placenta has ceased to function, better out than in. Isolettes are marvelous technology and I hope your baby is doing fine)

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