Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cover the Uninsured Week

My AmeriCorps program director keeps a blog for us team members so we can have quick overviews of things he'd like us to think about. I wanted to post the link to the latest entry (written by one of our team members this time), since I know I have a few erstwhile social activists who pop by here every once in a while.

If anyone is interested in the American health care system and the disparities that exist, please go over and read it. Read the book that is referenced. Go to the Cover the Uninsured Week website and do something to get involved, even if it's just a post on your blog or a letter to your congressperson.


thordora said...

ok, I WILL be sending your book tomorrow. I THOUGHT my husband mailed it last week, and lo! look what I found in the kitchen.

I'm SORRY!!! I've throwing in a cute hat for Freyja too-I hope it fits. :)

Heather said...

I was wondering about it :) Cool!