Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Searchy, Searchy

What People are Searching For:

nccc americorps sucks
kinky "muskegon"
youe tube porn
sampoo formula]
crunchy mammas
spaghetti makes me full
burger bell
ob says cervix is fingertip and hard
KERWIN - MICHIGAN - MYSPACE (this is kind of freaky - I wonder who's searching for my husband? Own up, Internet Ho!)


karrie said...

LOL at the spaghetti search string. WTF? DO thy think it is weird that spaghetti is filling or is there yet another cultural reference I'm too lame to know about?

Heather said...

I have on idea on the spaghetti. As far as I know it's not a cultural reference, but I'm pretty far out of the loop on that stuff too.