Friday, April 13, 2007

Baby Not Mine

Friends of my brother's brought their 4 month old over last night.

He's cute.

He was also really stiff, spent most of his time mesmerized by lights and the TV, and was generally non-interactive. I felt kind of bad for the little guy - maybe he was just weird because I was new. Maybe they don't hold him enough. I'm just not sure. They both work full time, so maybe they're just doing the best they can. I looked back at Freyja's pictures at 4 months old and she was way more interactive, better developed, and smiley. She was one rockin' baby - I appreciate that more now than I did then.

I got zero baby fever. That's ok. I wanted to be done by the time I was 30 - I have four years yet.

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Leah said...

He was kind of weird for a while, I wasnt sure if that was normal or not.

He seems pretty ok now, he smiles and coos and stares at me and is trying to crawl (well, creep) now, teething and screaming also.

I think she holds him more now, otherwise he screams, when he was younger, she didn't have to hold him all the time...