Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Zoloft, er, Sertraline Update

*cue nightly-news music*

"Coming to you live from her desk, here's Heather with the Sertraline Update. Heather?"

It's a week and a half into this crazy SSRI experience, and my moods are already more even. I'm less anxious, less worried about little things. I actually feel like getting up in the morning, even if I haven't slept a wink. Oh yeah. That sleeping thing? I went from sleeping 10+ hours a night to lying in bed tossing and turning. I think I've had approximately 10 hours of sleep in the past week. I hope it will even out soon, all the Experts say three weeks is the time when you see the "big changes".

I've also lost my superpower. I can still function as a "normal" person would on that front, but not like usual! Some people have been telling me that losing my superpower isn't worth not being depressed, but I beg to differ. I'd much rather be "normal" on all fronts.

So, other than needing a nap and wishing I still had my superpower, it's going well. I see my primary care doctor on Friday for a weight and blood pressure check (it was high at my annual) and a dosage adjustment, if necessary. Thankfully, all my other labs came back normal - no pre-diabetes, normal cholesterol, etc.

So, that's all for the sertraline report.


thordora said...

Losing the superpower isn't worth it to me....of course, NONE of my drugs are working right now...

Anonymous said...

Oh man the well butrin and zoloft are my best friends!

Karen said...

Id rather be happy too dear I understand. Me and Prozac are becoming best friends

karrie said...

Maybe the superpower will return?

I'm glad you're feeling better overall though. :)

Zoloft Birth Defects said...

Your superpower is awesome :). I know a lotta people who'd like that superpower back. I mean. Isn't it fun??