Saturday, June 16, 2007

Crummy Day

We were supposed to go to the beach today, and then have a cookout. I haven't seen my best friend in weeks. We had plans.

Freyja refused to take a nap. Flat out refused. Threw herself around. Acted up. Jumped on the bed. I told her "If you don't take a nap, we don't go to the beach."

She still acted up.

So here we sit. Maybe most parents would have backed down on that, gone to the beach anyway.

I can't. She's a monster lately. Nothing we do or say has any bearing on her behaviour. I had to stick to my guns, even though I'm missing out on my fun, too.

It sucks to be a mom today.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I haven't been in contact with ya lately. I would really like to get your graphic novels back to you. The baby is almost ready to come on out. Lots of random thoughts to talk about. I've started reading "American Gods" and "Good Omens" again. I hope things go better for you. I also hope you get to meet my girlfriend before/after we have our son.

Anonymous said...

That was Roi by the way. =)

karrie said...

It's so difficult to stand your ground when the consequences are as much, if not more, of a letdown for you.

I've been there.

Mom Tu-Tu said...

It's great that you stuck to your word! I'm really bad about doing it when it means missing out on something myself!

Anonymous said...
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