Friday, June 08, 2007

An Open Letter, Part Deux

Dear Women's Clothing Industry,

I know it is hard to believe, but fat chicks like to swim. Not sit by the pool, not try to cover up all the rolls, chunk, and cellulite you seem to think we should be covering with the ugly-ass bathing suits you have on offer this year, but swim. To do so, we need to not be encumbered by swimsuit skirts that are reaching lengths not seen since the Victorian era. And would it be too much to ask to put some decent support for the girls in there? The half shelf bra with wimpy foam cups is just NOT cutting it here.

Also, please get a reality check on the prices. I just paid $13.84 for my husband's brand new board shorts, and there is more material there than in a lot of womens' suits, yet it was a quarter of the price of many suits I tried on yesterday. What the hell is going on with that? The last bathing suit I purchased was about $25 and I wore it for five years, so it's obvious that I'm not going to get higher quality with the higher prices, unless I'm looking for a competitive swimming suit, which I'm not. To be fair, there were some suits for $17 or so at the Evil Store, but they were ugly.

I did purchase a suit yesterday despite my annoyance with the industry. Wonderful Target came to my rescue as usual. I think $25 is plenty to pay for a swimsuit. I bet a LOT of other women feel the same way.

Get a clue,



Anonymous said...

Preach on sister, preach on!! I'm tired of seeing ugly ass bathing suits. Just because I am a size 20/22 doesn't mean I want to be stuffed in a dress-thingie. GROSS!

The one you picked is super cute.

Christina (jaesmami)

thordora said...

I actually got a nice one at walmart last year for around 30$. It's a tankini. I was hoping to not fit into this year, but I doubt that will happen.

My bone to pick is underwear. I mean WTF?

Eden said...

Cute suit from Tarzhay. I got two pieces to make a tankini there. I got a better-fitting one from Old Navy though, cheaper than the cost of the two separates from Target. Maybe ON is "Evil Store."

Heather said...

I forget that not everyone knows that Wal-Mart is "evil store".

Unfortunately ON doesn't carry bathing suits in my size. I was surprised to see that Tarjay did :D

karrie said...

What a cute suit!

I have the additional stress of needing long torso, so pretty much have to go with Speedo or Lands End. I love the 2 suits I have from Land's End, but because they were so $$$, I'm half afraid to actually wear them.

When I was in NH a few weeks ago, I stopped in a Kmart with my niece and discovered several really cute suits in larger sizes, all 40% off. I bought one for her and it was around $14. Adorable!

karrie said...

Thor--Ok, underwear I am actually lucky. Since I have a flat ass and no hips I wear an easy to find everywhere size. Bras, OTOH.......

Heather said...

Undies are harder. I have much hips and much rear *G*

Bras I can get at lane bryant, no problem - but the $$$$!!! OMG!

Karrie, I'd love a Speedo suit. A nice racerback style, I bet it'd be like 10 years before I had to get a new one. I can see the value in those.

The new suit came and it's nice, but its' funny in the back since it's a halter style. It does work well for the "girls" though.