Monday, June 04, 2007


I am a shoe slut. Since I'm relatively poor, I have to save my shoe binges for Payless and clearance racks, but I'm a shoe slut nonetheless.

I only like comfortable shoes. I have a couple pairs of heels - plain black pumps with a 2", thick heel, and a pair of 4" "stripper shoes". The rest of my shoes, including the dressy ones, were chosen for cuteness and comfort level. This whole flats trend that's going on right now makes me a very happy shoe slut.

Most people can't tell, since in the summer I wear Birkenstocks or Birkie-fakes - clogs when working, sandals on my free time. I have a lot of sandals. I have cute toes, so I feel I'm entitled to show them off.

I scored on shoes this weekend, though. I went into Payless after my pedicure and found the best pair of "athleisure" shoes. They're mary-jane style,(and apparently vegan, too) with black nonslip soles and brick red uppers. The uppers are a sueded material and very soft. $9, marked down from $25. Score!

They're definately not Sex-In-The-City approved, but they're Heather-approved - and that's good enough for me.

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karrie said...

we have similar taste in shoes!