Thursday, June 14, 2007

Musical Dreaming

I like to sing.

I really like to sing folk songs and ballads, "Irish" pub songs, sea chanties, old-school torch songs,blues, and anything else that stays in that middle to low register where my voice really shines.

As I noted a couple posts ago, if I had the wherewithal, I'd love to be in an all-chicks "Irish" pub band (and I'd call it Mad Morrigan. There'd have to be three of us). I think to do that, however, I need to learn to play an instrument. My rhythm isn't bad and I could possibly learn to play the bodhran, with practice (of course). I don't know if I can play the bodhran and sing at the same time, though. I can dance and sing, walk and sing, type and get the idea. I've also been kicking around the idea of taking guitar lessons for a while, but I don't know if I'm "too old" to pick up something new like that. I haven't gotten any further than drooling over pretty guitars on that, though.

I also think that Kerwin and I (he sings too, a lovely bass/baritone) could make decent money singing together at weddings and events. We'd be a cute double act, plus we're both fairly talented - then I think that he only plays saxophone, and I play nothing. We'd need a band.

It all comes back to needing instruments. Anybody else that plays an instrument want to be in a pub band with me? If you're local I'd love to get together just to jam. I miss real singing (in the car doesn't really count).


Sasha Kovich said...

I wasn't sure what a bodhran was, so I did a google search for it. Sure enough, it was what I thought it was, but the third link down was instructions on how to build one.

I wish I had some power tools right now.

Jason Dufair said...

Wish I was local. I play guitar and bodhran and would love to jam with you. I was in an Irish band for a while (playing congas, of all things - it was a sort of fusion thing). It was great fun.

You're NEVER too old to learn. Don't sell yourself short, Heather.

Dawn said...

If I were closer I'd join too. I am the same way about singing - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do it, haven't really done it in years. I don't know any instruments though. *sigh* I've been thinking about finding me a guitar player to pair up with and trying to get some local bar gigs or something.

You should go for guitar lessons. I took guitar in college and it was very easy to pick up and learn. I say go for it!

ps. the other day I came across some old Madrigal music and I thought of you and your hubby. Did you ever sing those in school? Did you have to stand in a semi circle and look at each other with goofy grins too? We did. It was surprisingly fun. I miss it sometimes. :P

Heather said...

Yes, I did have to do that! I love madrigals :)