Friday, October 13, 2006

Would You Like to Take a Survey?

My "big project" right now is patient satisfaction surveys. We get the surveys here at the health center from the Midwest Clinicians Network. They're little scantron sheets with bubbles to fill in. Pretty straightforward, right? Not exactly.

Not only do I have to come up with a protocol for admininstering the damn things, I also have to feild questions from providers and office staff who don't get it.

Oh yeah, I'm also supposed to get volunteers from the community to do the tedious busy-work of filling in the site location and provider numbers on 900 scantron sheets. That's right, 900. 20 surveys per provider and I have 45 providers across four sites. There's eight numbers and eight bubbles on each sheet. That's 7200 bubbles to be filled in completely. Anyone who has taken a scantron test now feels my pain. I know my time is more valuable, blahblahblah and I'm not "supposed" to do clerical work if I can avoid it, but it's way more hassle to find volunteers, schedule them, find them somewhere to work and supervise them while they fill in bubbles than it is to just do it myself, which would only take a couple of hours. The volunteer rigamarole, well, let's say I'm looking at an entire wasted afternoon, and that doesn't even include the billion phone calls to get the damn volunteers in the first place.

I will have one volunteer. Kerwin will be helping me! He just doesn't know it yet - but he signed the volunteer application and said he was available for clerical work, which means he's my slave if I need him to be. Looks like we'll spend some gauranteed time together this weekend!

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