Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Potty Progressing

I have to brag, even though I know that I really have nothing to do with it.

Last week's post about pottying ( ) came a moment too soon, it would seem.

We're on day 9 of 1 accident per day or less. There's poop, there's pee, there's waking up from naps dry, there's waking up in the middle of the night to have Daddy turn on the light in the bathroom so she can pee.

Even better? Everything ELSE she's learned over the past 6 weeks has finally integrated into her brain. Where last week we had "A, B, C, E, you, E" we now have the full alphabet song, in tune. She now identifies colors correctly and counts to seven with no mistakes. She started using her words again and stopped pushing, hitting, and biting her little friends at daycare.

The clincher came last night. "Scuse you, Mumma. I want-a get my pa-no (piano - little toy keyboard) out from unna da coush." She doesn't get that she needs to say "scuse ME" instead, but shoot - how grown up was that?


karrie said...

Scuse you? Bwhahaha!

Go Freyja!

Heather said...

I about fell off the couch in shock when she said it, too. My dad was like "Did she just say that?!"

So I moved my feet and the footstool, she got her pa-no out an said "Tanks, Mumma".

Whaaa! Where did my baby go?