Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Nerves of Jello

Never would have guessed it, huh? I know Genie wouldn't - apparently I scare the hell out of her. I have nerves of jello. Nerves of steel is something reserved for people braver than me. In about ten minutes, I have to go into a room full of doctors and I have to stand there and talk for five minutes about the Doula program and another project (the aforementioned satisfaction surveys) I'm spearheading.

I'm shaking in my shoes. It's not that these people have about 150 years of tertiary and quaternary (is that even a word?) education combined, it's not that they have better grammar, speaking skills, are nicer, or are better composed than me (I have better grammar than at least half of them). It's that I'm basically a bug on the windshield and if they don't like the idea of the doula program, it doesn't go anywhere. Five minutes to sell myself, and I've never been good at sales.

I hope I can keep myself under control and not speak too fast.

1 comment:

karrie said...

LOL @ poor Genie's expense. :)

Hope everything went well.