Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Wonderful World of WIC

I had to take Freyja yesterday for her WIC recertification appointment.

Did you know that child size servings aren't the same as adult size servings? I think I did, but I forgot while filling out the paperwork for how much she eats in one day. I used adult servings. So first, I was told that she doesn't eat nearly enough. Was I withholding food from her as punishment? Did I feed her when she was hungry, or force her to wait until mealtimes? She's so small - was I underfeeding her?

My eyes must have bugged out of my head, because the girl eats constantly. The ever-so-saccharine-sweet nutritionist pulled out a chart for child serving sizes and I laughed. "Oh, you mean servings like those. She gets those and more. I rarely restrict her intake of healthy foods, especially at mealtimes."

Then I was told that I was lucky that she was so well proportioned for her size, since I don't show any restraint in the foods she eats. What?! Make up your damn mind! You'd think I was shoving cookies and ice cream down her gullet - this is the child who opens up my fridge and sneaks GRAPES from the crisper.

I grabbed the paperwork and pointed out that we don't feed her chips, cookies, soda, fruity flavored corn syrup drinks, donuts or whatever on a regular basis. That I am VERY careful that the vast majority of her diet is whole, fresh food.

I don't think she believed me. I'm really doubtful that that underhanded blow to my confidence was worth 4 gallons of milk, a couple boxes of cereal, a bag of navy beans, a little juice, a couple cartons of eggs, and a little cheese a month. I'm sad, because I've never had a bad experience at WIC before. I usually extol the virtues of our local program. Guess I won't do that anymore.

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thordora said...

Just saw your comment. I love anyone who calls their child 'spawn" as I do. :)