Friday, March 23, 2007

Pee in a Cup? I Think Not.

Inspired by Babycenter's mean Bargain Board

As a person who gets food stamps through a loophole in the system (AmeriCorps stipend doesn't count as income) and who uses that money I have in my pocket b/c Uncle Sam buys me groceries and daycare to pay down my debt (we would be screwed without the help), I do have a problem with drug testing. I've never done drugs in my life. Most people on welfare or food stamps are - gee - surprise - like me. Not users, not losers, not government tit suckers. Why in hell should I be treated like a criminal when I'm not one? Also, what makes anybody think I have the time or gas money to cart myself down to the FIA office monthly or weekly or however damn often these drug tests should be done to pee in a cup?

So just sit there in your 3500 sq. foot McMansion on your cul-de-sac in your designer gauchos, drinking your afternoon margarita while the nanny entertains your gymbo-clad kids and keep talking about those drug tests for welfare recipients. You so know what it's like, don't you? Oh, you don't have a nanny? Sorry! That's what happens when people start to assume things about other groups of people.


Anonymous said...

I have a problem with people who use my tax dollars to pay their debt. I could use that money to pay my debt, instead it's going to you. Your welcome.

Your inconvience is the least of my worries. Since I'm already paying your debt I'd rather not pay for someone else's drugs too.

Christina said...

wow anonymous. Can't even leave your name, what a shame.

Hey Heather, this is jaesmami from Aug BBC. I hate when people make assumptions. Just because I'm on foodstamps I smoke crack right? WRONG! People would never guess I'm a fulltime student (the VA pays me to go so I don't have to work on top of going to school) and DF works full time.

I'm sure RICHIE up there doesn't have to worry about all that though. :) Yeah, that's childish of me to say, but if they want to be childish, I can too.

Heather said...

Hello Anonymous, thanks for stopping by.

Your taxes would be taken out of your paycheck whether I got food stamps and daycare aid (which is an AmeriCorps perk, by the way) or not. Isn't it better that I use the extra money I have to pay down debt? Are you thinking it's some extravagant amount? Try $150-200 extra a month - without daycare and food stamps, we'd be hungry and likely homeless...but you don't care, you just want my cotton pick'n hands off your money, right? It doens't matter that we pay taxes too, and that I actually owe the state this year?

By the way, you're also paying my salary since the grant that employs me comes from a government agency. You also pay for me to go to college (Pell Grants AND the education award I get for completing my AmeriCorps term). Just thought you might like to know!

karrie said...

Not to mention all the other 'wonderful' things our tax dollars are spent on. @@

The description of the designer gaucho bitch was hilarious!

Jammer said...

Anonymous can go F themselves if they can't even leave a name. I think it's a great thing that the Americorps stipend doesn't count as income. I don't know how they got that through, but it's a great idea.

Somehow the myth of the "welfare queen" still exists in this country. I don't know how people like "anonymous" above can get so worked up over helping people with a small fraction of their tax money, when the largest amounts are used to pay interest on the National Debt and to finance the killing of thousands of innocent people every year.

And how much would monthly drug tests cost, anyway? Besides being an invasion of privacy, it seems like it'd be a huge waste of money!

Fucking jackasses.

Mandi ... Not Anonymous said...

Official Statement of the Crazy Socialist Baby-Auntie ...

You'll get no beef from me on government assistance (except when Kerwin votes Libertarian ... ). In fact, there should be far more inclusive programs than there are. I just wish my poor ass could partake. Financially, I'm at the bottom of the barrel, but apparently until I spawn an offspring I'm out of luck. WTF, mate?

And who honestly posts anonymously? What a tard ...