Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I've got a secret.

It's a nice secret, a good secret, a happy secret. It's all mine, and I don't want to tell anybody about it. It needs to be my special private secret for a little while longer. I don't need anyone's approval or anyone's disapproval. I just need to be one with my secret. I don't want anybody else to know. If you see me smiling, I'm thinking about my secret. I'll tell you about it at Midsummer.

No, I'm not pregnant. Really. If I were pregnant, this post would instead be titled, simply, "Fuck". And instead of telling you about it at Midsummer, I'd be telling you about it at Yule.


karrie said...

Midsummer??? That's a long wait.

Enjoy your secret.

Dawn said...

Aww, you're killing me!!! I lurve secrets! :) Have fun being one with it!