Friday, March 09, 2007

Grocery Shopping

11 PM, Friday night.

Bleak, cold rain.
Where is the baby?
Where is the daddy?
Where is the mama?
Putting on her shoes.
Mama is grumpy.
Oh, so grumpy.
Mama has a grocery list
and it must get done tonight.

Mama laments.

Mama sings a song of woe.
Mama wants to know
why in hell
Daddy is sleeping
and she is always the one
making the midnight run
to Meijer.

Ya dig?


karrie said...

Sing it, sistah!

Kat said...

La,la, La... I sing that tune also. I can't stand going with the twins most of the time now, but I really hate it when I have to go out and everyone else is either asleep or bugged out on the couch reading.