Thursday, February 22, 2007


Oooooooooooooh I got a new car. Well, not "new" but "new to me". It's a 1997 Geo Prism, white. Windows and locks are manual, but it drives great and gets amazing gas mileage, much better than my previous grandma cars. I've put 110 miles on this gas tank already and the fuel gauge is sitting at just under 3/4 of a tank (it's a 10 gallon tank). It's little, but it's fun to drive.

It's nice to be able to not worry about needing to leave work early to cart Kerwin around to classes two days a week. He can take his car and do what he needs to do. He doesn't have to wait for us in the mornings anymore. It's good to get home and be able to set Freyja up with a DVD while I make dinner without Kerwin underfoot.

I do miss riding together because it was a guaranteed 45 minutes a day of being able to talk about politics, current affairs, and other grown-up things. Freyja would sit in her car seat and sing and ask us funny questions.

Another great thing is now Freyja and I are no longer housebound on weekends. We can get out and go to playdates, see friends and family, go to the park, or the mall playplace. We can go to the zoo, or Meijer gardens, or the children's museum.

The carpool era is over; and while it's bittersweet, it's also much less stressful.

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karrie said...

Ah, good for you! :)