Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I think I'm allergic to my sweater.

No, seriously. It's a nice heathered lavender sweater that I got on clearance at Target over the weekend for $13. Nice simple shape, lightweight, very pretty. Unfortunately it's 7% Angora. I have rabbit-lined gloves and they give me no problems, but maybe breathing the bunny fur in changes things. That, or I'm coming down with something. I cannot possibly be coming down with something because I am leaving for San Diego in four days. Drat!

I've also noticed a friend pulling away from our friendship, and I'm not exactly sure what that's about, which adds to my moodiness. It also seems like she's hanging out with other people and rubbing it in my face. How highschool of me is that?! Maybe it's because I never call - but I never call anybody - and she doens't call me, either. I'm just that type of person that I am completely and totally OK with not speaking to my friends for weeks or months on end - I'm busy and so they must be too. Am I the only person in the universe who thinks that way?


karrie said...

I'm with you. I almost never pick up the phone.

Maybe invite her to do something and see how she responds?

Dawn said...

I do not call friends. Ever. Well, not unless I am truly, hopelessly upset about something and I can't take it anymore.

But most of my friends are callers so it works out. And, I don't have long distance on my phone. :O

I agree with Karrie - try making plans and see how that goes.

Hope you're not getting sick. Flying sick sucks!

kat said...

I also would try making plans and see how she reacts.