Friday, February 16, 2007

Home again

I had an educational week in San Diego. I learned a lot, went to some amazing workshops and was able to teach a few people some things as well (like how to: 1. speak tactfully to mamas who wanted to breastfeed but couldn't for whatever reason; 2. practice on-demand infant feeding with formula)

The flight out there was hell. It was so hot and stuffy, plus we had been rerouted because of our commuter plane being late. We went from Detroit to Atlanta to San Diego instead of Detroit to Los Angeles to San Diego. The good part was that the stuffy plane was a SONG by Delta plane and we had little LCD screens for each seat, including a cool flight tracker!

I did enjoy a nice cold shower upon arrival at the hotel (at 2 AM eastern time, 11 pacific). I ended up rooming with a different person than I had planned on, which was fine - we hit it off really well and were up late talking most of the nights.

The hotel/resort was beautiful and so was the weather. The hotel bellboys that we kept hitching golf-cart rides with told us it was "bad" weather. 60 degrees and scattered clouds is not bad weather for Michiganders, especially in February!!! No complaints here. I only left the resort for a little while the entire trip, to ride around on the trolley rail system one afternoon. I hope to go back to San Diego sometime when I'm skinnier.

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