Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year, Old Goals, New Pants Size (hopefully)

Hey, it's 2007. Look at that!

I haven't made any resolutions. I don't really like resolutions all that much. I prefer to set goals, and since I'm still working on my goals from last year, I only made one new goal, which is:

To Just Calm The Fuck Down, In General

You heard it here first, I get worked up over the tiniest things. I fly off the handle very easily. My temper is short. My patience is thin. I freak out over little shit. If I come across as the endlessly calm mama on BabyCenter, it's only because I really want to be.

The rest of my goals, in no particular order (leftovers from last year):

1. Stand up for myself more at work

2. Keep going to therapy every 2 weeks, and actually get into my issues so I don't waste my money.

3. Join the gym and go every day (this one is on hold until we get the effing car situation figured out).

4. Eat properly and not beat myself up over little slip ups.

5. Keep up the house so it doesn't depress me and I don't work myself into a tizzy if people are coming over.

I'm wondering if I should add

6. Bug the hell out of doctor's office for samples of Vitamin Z.

And if said #6 would help with the rest of the goals. Ah well, I'll ask my therapist what her take is later this week.

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