Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Diego and the Wonder Pets

Why is it that when I mention my trip to San Diego, Freyja looks at me and asks "You goin' uppa kye to Diego? You gonna see Diego, you gonna see Baby Jaguar? I wanna go wif you, me too in airpane, uppa kye wif you see Diego too?"

Thank you, Nick JR. Thank you, daycare. I know they don't watch that much TV there (the state limits them to 2 hours/day), and I don't really care that she watches TV - she plays and then watches a couple minutes and then wanders off, but DAMN are those shows annoying when daycare is closed and Mumma is stuck at home with her all day. No more Nick. I think I like Playhouse Disney programming better.

Has anybody else been subjected to the Wonder Pets? What's up with the duckling having a lisp?

All this drivel makes me long for the Electric Company and classic Sesame Street. Maybe even Pinwheel, the Polka Dot Door, and Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood.


karrie said...

Hooray for YouTube!

Has Freyja seen the new Curious George show on PBS? Max is obsessed with it. OBSESSED. It is a really smart and cute show. I find myself sitting on the couch with him trying to read for school while he watches, and getting sucked in.

Heather said...

We love the new Curious George - I'll gladly sit and watch the half hour with her. It's clever and cute and she's just a leeetle obsessed with it too.

Dawn said...

Oh man I just love YouTube. That is by far one of my favorite little dittys. For years I've been singing it in my head - it was so great to see it again!

We like Curious George too, but see it only rarely. Right now Kiddo is on a Little Einsteins kick. *sigh*

Lane said...

Just popping in to say "hi"!
I'm not sure how I missed your blog before, but I found it this morning and have been getting all caught up!