Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our Trip Away

Kerwin works for a Marriott brand hotel (think the high-end, swanky one), and one of his "perks" is 2 free nights at a Marriott property at least 60 miles away from the one he works at in November or December.

We took advantage of this the past couple of days in the Ann Arbor, MI area. I had hoped to come back with pictures of Freyja jumping on the bed, but she refused to jump. It was a king bed, I was right there, I made sure her shoes were off. I said, "you can jump on the bed!"

"No, mumma. That is NOT safe."

"Yes, but I am here watching you, so it's OK. It's a big bed, and I doubt you'll fall."

"I will fawl and cwack my head open and you will have to take me to the 'mergency woom."

There you have it - my own personal safety patrol. We did have a good time using the pool and visiting with Kerwin's grandmother, whom we helped "decoration" her Christmas tree. The bed was cushy and huge - Freyja slept on the foldout couch the second night b/c she tossed and turned too much the first and kept us both awake. Last night, Kerwin was on one side and I was on the other, and I think you could have easily fit another fairly large adult in the middle. I don't, as a rule, snuggle.

A nice trip away, even if I didn't get any time to myself. I may look into having Kerwin just come and check me into the Courtyard or SpringHill Suites near us (we get a great rate there, something like $39/night) for a couple days of solo mommy R&R before the baby comes. I could read, take long baths, sleep, take more long baths...oh yeah.


karrie said...

My BIL used to work for Marriott and he and my sister enjoyed that same perk.:-)

Can Freyja call Max and read him the riot act? He is trying to jump between the two hotel beds in our room as I type, with a lolly in his mouth. Oh, and the beds are abt 5ft apart.....

Heather said...

See, that's the odd thing, she's usually quite happy to leap from furniture to furniture. Does it all the time, esp. at my folks where the living room is small and tehre is a lot of furniture in the space.

I have no answers. Children are strange, that is all :D

Sasha Kovich said...

I'm sorry I missed you, and I'm sorry I won't be in West Michigan this week for long enough to swing by. At the rate the snow is coming down, I might not make it out there at all! :/

Oh well. Some other time.