Thursday, December 13, 2007

Freyja's Current Obessions

Thanks to my dad, Freyja has discovered the joys of YouTube.

Unfortunately, he didn't tell me what videos he played for her, leading to screaming that I wasn't playing the song with the swing and the car. WTF?! I had to call my dad to figure it out. It was the first one on the list.

Here's her current favorites, courtesy of Grandpa .

Leann Rimes - Nothing Bout Love Makes Sense

Leann Rimes - Nothin' Better to Do

The 5th Dimension - Wedding Bell Blues

The Archies - Sugar Sugar


Sasha Kovich said...

Sorry it took so long to respond; I've been sick like a dog this week.

But heck yeah! I'll be working those days, but I'm free in the evening-time, and it would be super-keen to meet up and go eat some food and hang out.

karrie said...

Ugh! Max does this in the car. Half the time I have no freaking idea which song he means, and he gets extremely angry.

Sasha Kovich said...
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