Monday, July 09, 2007

Do Want

I don't know how keen I am on the purple, but I love the style. But at $210, I think I'll pass.

Still looking for something to wear on Friday - it's the fifth anniversary of Kerwin's liberation from the "cult" and so we're going to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at the Imax (3-d ending!) and then to Mongolian BBQ for dinner. Or maybe the other way around. I want to dress up like a nerd, so I'm on the lookout.


Anonymous said...

Hey, still coming to my bridal shower? Send me some love on my MySpace if you are. Send me some love even if you aren't :)


Oh, and "Ring of Fire"? I usually just hear it on the country stations when they're playing the old stuff. So that's my vote.


Eden said...

I like the Pyramid stuff in general too. Usually the prices aren't bad but yeah. $210 is too much.

thordora said...

wow. Cult. There's a story I'd like to hear.

I'm more of a navy pea coat kind of girl myself.