Friday, April 18, 2008

Still Here

And still pregnant!

Some perinatologist tried to play the dead baby card with me yesterday in regards to my diet-controlled gestational diabetes (which he thinks is not diet controlled because my fasting blood sugars occasionally run 5 points high - nothing any of my other docs have been concerned at all about) Stupid peri, you don't play the dead baby card with a mom who's done her research, especially if you've just looked at my chart for two minutes and decided you know more about my specific case than the doctors and midwives who have seen me my entire pregnancy. No, I will not be scheduling a c-section because you think I should.

He prescribed a blood sugar medication that in the literature states should not be taken within two weeks of delivery to avoid extreme low blood sugar in the infant. I will not be taking it, as the risks outweigh the benefits at this point. I have a call in to my regular OB about it. I'd much rather adjust my carb intake if she thinks it's a problem (which she did NOT on monday).

Thankfully I shouldn't have to see this guy again. I have no idea why I had to see him in the first place, b/c I thought I was just going in for an NST and an ultrasound.

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thordora said...

I just love how they make a blanket assumption about pregnant while chubby. I was, and still am in better health than half the skinny people I know, but yet I get the hairy eyeball from the doctor when I complain about anything.

I hate doctors.