Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lo and Behold

Kerwin and I are going away for the night tomorrow.

That's right, we're going to go stay in a hotel. By ourselves. Wink, wink. With no three year old to wake up, wander in, or interrupt anything.

Freyja is going to Grandma's and is rather cross about the entire thing. Why do mommy and daddy get to go stay in the hotel and swim in the pool by themselves? It's not fair!

She should be happy we're letting her go out to dinner with us beforehand. My dad asked where I'd like to go for dinner (thanks for taking us all out, dad!) and I thought about it for two seconds in which I compared favorite food with food I am able to eat right now (boo, gestational diabetes) and said, "Mongolian BBQ!"

Ah yes. All you can eat stir-fry, then a night alone with my lovely hubby.

Turning 27 is going to be a good time.


thordora said...

You know when a parent when that DOES sound like heaven. :)

karrie said...

I'm way behind on the blogs again, so wishing you a very belated birthday. I hope you guys had a great time!