Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Your Attention Please...

So. We had our other ultrasound. Thankfully the baby was very cooperative. The tech got pictures of everything they needed without any trouble at all, which was great! We also got a nice, clear gender shot.

It's a girl.

Yes, there are a lack of exclamation points there. I already have a girl, and she's quite marvelous. People tell me that I will "love" having two little girls, and I suppose at some point I will. Then other people talk about the "special" bond they have with their little boy, and how it's "different" yet "different" seems to mean "better" in this context.

Apparently it's wrong of me to be slightly disappointed about this. After all, my husband is happy that the baby is healthy. He's thrilled to have another little girl. He has no overarching desire to prove his maleness with a son and "heir". I should just be happy that the baby is healthy. It's wrong to want a specific gender. Just another one of those things mothers aren't allowed to have any negative feelings about.

Hey, at least I'll save some money. I already have all kinds of girl clothes.


Eden said...

Feel how you want to feel. I understand that you would want a boy second time (I did too) and you're absolutely right to have a preference. Naturally you're happy the baby is healthy but it's not wrong or bad to have a sex preference.

I can tell you this: a boy is exponentially high maintenance. At least mine is. ;)

So now you have to start name listing. Any thoughts yet?

Heather said...

We have a list of girl names. We're leaning toward Maeve, but Penelope, Andromeda, and Branwyn are also on the list.

Queens and Goddesses, you know - you can't name the firstborn Freyja and the next one Jane. It just wouldn't be right ;)

Meg said...

Feel what you feel.

I hear a lot that it's different with each gender- having 2 of 1 and 1 of the other I have to say I think it's just different depending upon the child.

I always said that if my 3rd was a girl I'd need a 4th because girls need sisters. Alas, I stopped after 3 anyway. Cause it might've been another boy. I still feel bad that Lucy doesn't have a sister.

Dawn said...

I completely understand your feelings on that. When people ask me what I am having, I have to conciously try not to make a grimacing face. I am so thrilled the baby is healthy, but yeah, I really wanted a girl. Compound that with the fact that this is probably our last - and well, you know.

So like others said, feel what you feel. There is nothing wrong with that. Others are right there with you.

Glad you finally got to find out though. :)

Anonymous said...

I had my son first and really wanted a girl next. I was lucky to have my daughter, but your feelings are totally natural. My kids are grown now and if there is one thing I would tell new parents (not that I expect them to listen) is that you and your children will be much happier if can let go of your attachments to who you think your kids are, or who they should be, gender being only a small part of how we label and form the expectations we have for our children. Does that make any sense?