Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Does anybody even like DOTS?


Seriously. What compels people to sit and pick through the bowl of candy on their lap, which is full of nice chocolate things that are definately OK for a two year old to eat, only to plop a tiny-ass tootsie roll and a little box of Dots/Jujyfruits into the eversmiling pumpkin bucket? My kid can't eat those things! Nobody even LIKES Dots. I understand that Dots are cheap, my fellow trailer park dwellers - but nobody likes them. Stop buying them. Buy a $3 bag of DumDums instead - EVERYBODY likes DumDums.

After picking through Freyja's pumpkin bucket, over half of it was stuff she can't have - tootsie rolls, dots, bubble gum. Hardly any MnM's, Kit Kats, Reese's Cups and definately NO Take 5's. Why bother giving out crappy candy that nobody will eat?

It must be schadenfreude - and although I am a major propoent of that phenomenon, I think it's cruel to apply it to cute little 2 year old witches out for a chocolate haul.


karrie said...

How crappy!

I made sure to stash extra KitKats, plain Hershey bars and pencils specifically for younger ToTers.

Max must have opened half that giant bag of DumDums while he and I sat on the porch waiting for kids.

thordora said...

um, I'm sad to say that I freaking love dots. But I've always suspected I was in the minority there.

Heather said...

Ok, Thordora likes Dots.

I think I would like them if they didn't stick to my teeth. The flavor is ok, the teeth-sticking is so...not.