Friday, November 03, 2006


Had a rare night out last night. Freyja stayed with Grandma, since Grandma is on vacation this week, and Kerwin and I went out for dinner and a couple of drinks at Old Boys' Brewhouse once he was done with class and I was finished with an evening outreach event. The food was great, the beer was even better - and better still was the fact that I either flirted the right way with the waiter, or the bartender wasn't paying attention and made them twice - we got free "refills" on our respective microbrews. Oktoberfest for Kerwin, and Golden Sour for me. Very tasty!

We're driving home, I've had two pints and I'm just nicely buzzed. Kerwin getting laid is a gaurantee, with no further work on his part if he doesn't kill my buzz. So what does he do? Starts ranting about political bullshit. To understand, you have to know that this is his very favorite pastime. He's a Political Science - Public Administration major. I don't mean to imply that I'm woefully ignorant about political intrigue. When sober and having nothing better to do in the car I'll happily go back and forth with him - but not when my belly is full and my head is just slightly light. And he knows better.

I glared at him. "You're killing my buzz," I stated. "Were you NOT interested in sex?"

He shut up. For two minutes. And then started again. Not on political intrigue this time, but on the (supposed) fact that when I wear makeup, I act bitchier than normal (For the record, I was wearing makeup because of the outreach event so I looked "professional"). I let it lie. I didn't rise to the bait. I just glared at him until he got the hint that he should probably just shut the hell up and try to grope me.

When we got home, I made him empty clean dishes and load the dirty ones as his pre-nooky penance. I still stand by my 1.5 rating - but I hate that he pushes my buttons so much!


karrie said...

Oh can I relate to this post!

James can be such an arrogant asshole and will also go on and on about some minor political event of the day, and act horrified when I do not want to dissect it with him.

Or he'll pick on me for something dumb. Last night I was in a good mood until he got home. At one point in the evening we actually had a fight about him acting bossy in the comment section of my freaking blog. WTH?

Quite often he'll pull that kind of stunt at a rare time when I'm feeling relaxed and open to advances. Dumbass!

Heather said...

I know - they just don't freakin get it, do they?