Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Whaa :(

I just packed my baby girl off to Grandma's to stay until we have her sister.

I feel like I haven't made enough of our time with just her. She's not going to be our only baby anymore. The dynamic is going to be totally different, and I don't think I'm all right with that yet.

It seems like I haven't given her enough kisses, and cuddles, and affection. She's been really independent since she learned to sit up and we've taken advantage of that instead of loving on her more, and playing with her more. Now I don't have any more time with her as my only baby.

Now she has to share us. I didn't expect this to hit me so hard.

And at the risk of sounding cliche, how can I possibly love another one as much as I love her? And how can I give her the attention and love she deserves while taking care of the new one? I'm sure it will all work out and I'll look back a while from now and feel silly about this - but right now I just don't know how I'll do it.

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Eden said...

I felt exactly the same way. I wrote her a letter to put in her baby book and it helped work some of that out. And then when her brother came, she adored him and they greet each other every morning like they've been apart for days. It'll be fine soon ;)